Our Seminar Standards

Our Conversion Team is dedicated to building high-quality campaigns for our clients by following our Seminar Standards. Through the use of these standards, we are able to deliver clients qualified prospects for their events.

Data Visualization Standards

  • Persistently identify advisors’ qualified individual audience members’ engagement. The consumer database enables advisors to better target and manage your qualified prospect universe. 
    • Provide age and asset data for responders across any channel – direct, mail, web, email, tv, radio, billboards, and newspaper.
    • Gather insights on advisors’ prospect universes by leveraging relative response rate analytics 
    • Help advisors measure and visualize prospect density within the marketing universe for venue selection and street-level insights 
    • Help advisors plot multiple zones at once to determine a long-term marketing strategy.
    • Provide advanced radius tools such as drive time using historical traffic data. Use this to target partial zip codes to optimize geographic metrics, contact information, Zillow housing data, and more. 

Omni-Channel Standards

Maximize conversion rates through utilizing all marketing channels. Help advisors engage prospects across multiple channels to fulfill their marketing objectives. Achieve dependable results for advisors by offering the following:

The omni-channel campaign starts with direct mail. Help advisors establish their target audience based on other characteristics like the geographic scope of the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, run digital ads to the target audience to affordably replicate the effect of broadcast advertising (radio and TV) for brand building and direct response.

Use the exact same households used in the direct mail campaign, and reach out with an email mimicking the direct mail invite.

Consistently engage prospects across multiple channels to fulfill advisors’ marketing objectives. Do this by increasing attendance up to 50%, decreasing the average cost per attendee, converting prospects based on engagement behavior, and increasing brand recognition.

Transparent Analytic Standards

    • Provide customers with clear and clean graphics to ensure complete transparency. These graphs should clearly explain prospects’ worth, income, phone number and gender. Through the dashboard, allow advisors to see every confirmation, click and seat filled in real-time.
    • Provide information about how many people have received, opened and clicked an advisor’s email campaign. Clearly display the daily activity of campaigns. Display exactly how many views, registrations and appointments a campaign has received, everyday. 
    • Track how many impressions a campaign is receiving. Visualize the frequency of campaigns. 
    • Through proper marketing attribution, always display the results for each marketing channel deployed.

Follow-Up Process Standards

  • Landing pages live after the event dates have passed. Provide any straggler prospects a place to submit information to be invited to the next event or set a one on one appointment. Ensure that anyone who is interested in corresponding with an advisor has the opportunity to. 
  • Don’t allow an advisor to miss out on a potential client, because they did not RSVP in time.  Ensure that advisors are aware of every potential client. 

Automation Standards

Automate as much of the process as possible. Help advising practices grow traffic, convert leads, and track their entire funnel in one place. Help advisors’ practices grow traffic, convert leads, and track their entire funnel in one place. 

  • Help advisors build and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels that engage their customers in a personalized way. 
    • Create outbound touch-points. 
    • Provide customers with custom emails, text messages and IVR recordings from their LeadJig content center
    • Provide an option for customers to choose the time + date of each touch-point deployment. 
    • Send each lead 12 weeks of subject-specific automated emails. Educate the prospect and offer value.
    • Leverage LeadJig Automation, enroll each prospect into automated, subject-specific email drip sequences
  • Use advisors’ uploaded current prospect list and leverage marketing efforts to drive qualified prospects into LeadJig Automation.
  • After prospects are educated, offer each drip the opportunity for appointment requests and check-up opportunities. 

  • Help advisors leverage the drag + drop editors to edit, customize and create. 
    • Use pre-built landing pages or customize them.
    • Create personalized email templates, subject lines and content for each recipient. 
  • Provide insights into advisors’ entire funnel to see which marketing assets are working the hardest, and to show how marketing impacts the bottom line
    • Create outbound touch-points
    • Run A/B tests to improve open rates and click throughs
    • Segment leads based off past behavior, use this data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that close more deals

Implement Seminar Standards

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