5 Tips for Planning Your Next Financial Seminar


Plan Your Next

Financial Seminar

Planning a financial seminar can be an intimidating task, especially if you are new to hosting events. However, with our tips, any advisor should be able to execute a highly effective, profitable financial seminar and campaign.

1. Invision Your Perfect Prospect

Who is your ideal Prospect? It is crucial to have this question answered before beginning the process of planning your next financial seminar. Your target audience will dictate the topics covered during your seminar, the location of your seminar, and what marketing strategy should be used.

2. Pick Your Ideal Dates

The dates of your events can have a significant impact on their success. That’s why we created our seminar planning calendar to help navigate our clients when choosing the best dates for their events. Typically, events on Tuesdays and Thursdays perform best for dinner events. However, Saturdays can be a good option for an educational seminar. It is important to understand your target market before choosing the dates and times of your events.

3. Meet with Your Consultant to Finalize 

Your Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Consultant will be your guide throughout this whole process. They will help you start curating your prospect pool and invitation for your financial seminar or financial workshop. If you are affiliated with a broker-dealer or have a compliance approval process, work with your marketing consultant to ensure approval of your campaign. If your broker dealer’s compliance department takes time for approvals/revisions, plan on adding a few days of cushion to your timeline to ensure the campaign is on time.

4. Book the Perfect Venue

After picking the dates that work best for you, decide whether or not a meal event is right for you. Then, choose a time that best suits your prospects. Earlier times work better for prospects 64 and up, and later times work better for prospects 55 to 64. Be mindful of other local events taking place that could pose logistical challenges, such as sporting events, large Church services, or other gatherings that could affect traffic near your venue. If you are hosting a financial seminar meal event, evaluate your prospect pool and select a category of restaurant that best suits them. Most prospects will appreciate a dinner event at a well-known steakhouse in the area. Consider it as, “If these prospects were to go to dinner tonight, where would they go?”. This is a good approach to assessing venue suitability. If you decide to host an educational financial workshop, first look at the material you are presenting. Social Security, Medicare, Retirement, and Estate Planning non-meal events will be best in libraries, community centers, and museums. Once the venue is secure, see what technology they have available. To learn more about finding the perfect venue, click here!

5. Study Our Hosting Optimization Tips

Before your event, read our optimization tips to help you deliver an outstanding seminar! We have cultivated a resource center where advisors can find optimization tips, best practices, our seminar calendar, and case studies. All these tools can be extremely useful for planning or improving financial seminars!

We Can Help

Our advisors see outstanding results due to our expertise, technology, and multi-channel approach. Capitalize on the marketing advantages LeadJig – Acquire Direct – White Glove provides to all of our advisors nationwide.

We can help you with all your financial marketing needs. Contact us for more information about our financial marketing services and how our financial advisor marketing platform can generate leads and increase your customer base.

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