Skyrocket Your 2023 Production With Summer Seminars

The summer months are the perfect time to boost your production! With lower competition and a higher ROI, there’s never been a better opportunity to market your services and grow your business.

Taking advantage of the summer months to market your financial services can lead to significant growth in your business. By utilizing the unique opportunities presented by the season, financial advisors can generate increased interest and engagement from potential clients, resulting in higher production levels and improved ROI.

So don’t let the summer months go to waste – take action now to capitalize on this perfect opportunity to grow your business!

Reduced Competiton

Many financial advisors tend to reduce their marketing efforts during summer months, leaving a gap in the market that you can take advantage of.

High Response Rates

With fewer marketing messages vying for attention, your seminars are more likely to stand out and attract potential clients.

Increased Availability

Clients tend to have more time during summer months and are therefore more likely to attend seminars and meetings.

High Return On Investment

Summer can offer a great return on investment for marketing efforts, as increased availability, improved mood, and seasonal themes can all help to boost engagement and conversions.

Summer Optimization Tips

ROI and College Savings: Summer Marketing Tips
Take Advantage of Summer's Increases in ROI and College Savings Plans...
Summer Marketing: Tax Refund + Seasonal Themes
Take Advantage of Summer's Tax Refund + Seasonal Themes Summer is...
Summer Marketing: Reduced Competition + Increased Visibility
Take Advantage of Summer's Reduced Competition + Increased Visibility Summer is...
$ 0 Billion

Assets Seen In  Summer 2022

0 Million

Households Targeted In Summer 2022


Responses Generated In  Summer 2022

Summer Campaign Highlights

Campaign successes from Summer of 2022

Educational Workshop
Prescott, AZ

6,000 Mailers + Digital Deployed
75 Responses
1.25% Response Rate

Dinner Seminar
The Villages, FL

7,500 Mailers + Digital Deployed
160 Responses
2.13% Response Rate

Dinner Seminar
Jupiter, FL

7,000 Mailers + Digital Deployed
115 Responses
1.64% Response Rate

Increase Your Production

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We have been using Acquire and Leadjig for many years now and have been very happy with the results. They are up on the latest technology and are great at bringing new resources and suggestions to the table. Their support has been wonderful, and they constantly ask for our feedback to find ways to enhance their service and our results. We are looking forward to what is in store for 2019 and how it will help increase our results and our ROI.
Joel Johnson
Johnson Brunetti Retirement & Investment Specialists
Wilma Anderson
Wilma AndersonAdvisor
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What a TREAT this was to use LeadJig! THe information was complete for my guests, the system is easy to use, and I am delighted to have used their service for my workshop.
Family Focus Financial Group
Family Focus Financial GroupOffice
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Leadjig makes tracking our event registrations a breeze. The team at Leadjig is also very responsive and always by side to help with any questions or concerns I have.
Karen Fogarty
Karen FogartyAdvisor
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Since making the switch to the leadjig platform, we could not be happier with the results! It's transparency, real time analytics and customer service are top notch.
Mike Talluto
Mike TallutoAdvisor
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Lead Jig has delivered for us - every month... an awesome team!
Carter Wilcoxson
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This is simply the most cost effective and efficient way for your #clientacquisition initiatives.