The Best Finance Podcasts

If there’s one thing most of us wish we were taught in school, it’s how to manage our money and navigate the various financial decisions we have to make in our lives.

However, the reality is that most people have to hope to get these lessons from their parents or quickly learn on the go, although the latter approach often includes costly lessons.

The good news is that, today, you’re not left with having to read outdated books and can tune in to one of the hundreds of quality personal finance podcasts that provide you with a reliable roadmap for getting your finances in order.

But which are the best finance podcasts to follow?

Check out our list of financial podcasts that includes excellent choices for a variety of situations.


Best for Finance Beginners

If you don’t have any knowledge about how to manage money and want the best finance podcast for beginners, you can’t go wrong with finance podcasts such as Function with Anil Dash or So Money by Farnoosh Torabi. The former is an excellent starting point for figuring out how to use technology such as finance apps in your daily life, providing you with numerous helpful tips. Meanwhile, So Money hosts guests from all backgrounds who share their most valuable money-related lessons and convey wisdom that you can start applying in your life.

Best for Getting Out of Debt

If you’re looking for a podcast that can help you manage your debt, you need to look for a personal finance podcast that provides you with a step-by-step roadmap of exactly what you need to do. That’s where The Dave Ramsey Show really stands out - the host of this financial podcast is an expert in his field and provides specific, actionable information that can help anyone take control of their student, personal, mortgage, or any other debt.

Best for Students and New Grads

Students and those that just graduated are some of the most vulnerable people financially, so it only makes sense that they need all the help they can get to make the best financial decisions possible. And The College Investor podcast is ideally suited for the job. While most of the best financial podcasts can offer you valuable information, this particular podcast addresses issues that are the most important to students and young people, framing the information in a way that’s easier to understand.

Best for Women

Men dominate the financial world, so women can sometimes feel underrepresented and not have their financial concerns met by the selection of money podcasts that are the most popular. Luckily, more and more women are entering the world of finance, and today, some of the best personal finance podcasts are hosted by women such as best-selling author Jean Chatzky, who hosts the HerMoney podcast specifically designed for women who want to take control of their finances and their wealth.

Best for Beginning Investors

When you’re taking your first step as an investor, the choices that you have can seem overwhelming. Luckily, some of the best finance podcasts are created by investors, for investors, and can guide you through the entire process of getting started. David Stern, a seasoned investor, hosts the Money for the Rest of Us podcast. In this money podcast, he shares his own experiences, as well as some of the proven strategies and academic research examples, providing you with comprehensive education about investing that you can start putting to use immediately.

Best for Seasoned Investors

For those that have already dipped their toes into the investing world and want to maximize their returns, InvestED by Phil and Danielle Town is an excellent choice.

Instead of walking you through the basic concepts like some of the more beginner-level investing podcasts, InvestED dives deep into the specific strategies used by some of the most prominent players in the investing world, giving you insights and ideas about how you could improve your returns and minimize risks.

Best for Boosting Your Earning Potential

Saving money is hard work, and there’s only so much you can push your career earnings when it comes to investing. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to look at passive income opportunities, especially when some of the best finance podcasts cover this exact subject.

The Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn is an excellent example of a show that’s hosted by an experienced and reputable entrepreneur. He shares his insights about the different ways you could generate a passive income and increase your earning potential month after month.

Best for Achieving Financial Independence

If you’ve ever researched ways to retire early, you’ve probably come across the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement that promotes investing a large percentage of your income so that you can retire early and enjoy life without having to work.

That’s just one of the topics covered extensively by the Mad Fientist podcast. This podcast regularly interviews some of the most famous people in the financial independence world. Some of the guests are the FIRE movement pioneers themselves, giving you all the knowledge you need to put your own success story in motion.


Whether you’re an advisor that wants to help your clients manage their monthly finances better or get them started in investing, this list of some of the best finance podcasts will give you useful information that you can pass to them in an easily digestible format.

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