Scott L. Case Study


Scott L. Case Study

When we were first introduced to Scott, he was familiar with the seminar process, but it had been quite some time since he had hosted an event. Unfortunately, in his last few attempts in hosting live events, he had experienced a lackluster response. This drove him to take a break from seminars overall. In June he decided he wanted to get back in front of prospects as he recognized his flow had started to diminish. 

We started with getting a good understanding of what his expertise is and how comfortable he is presenting different topics. We concluded hosting an event on the topic of Wills and Trusts with a bit of a retirement spin was the goal. After reviewing his local area using Prospectix, Scott understood how many prospects in his area met his demographics. He also could see where the densities of those prospects were located. Scott already had a venue in mind in the area, and it was a perfect fit for the prospects’ location! 

With the topic and demographics in mind, we decided that 6,500 wedding-style invitations would represent the type of brand and approach Scott was looking to uphold. Our design team created a proof along with coinciding Facebook ads to create a multi-channel approach for the campaign. 

As of today, he’s met with two of the households and has closed over a million dollars in new assets. We are looking forward to hearing more as the appointments are held!

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