The Power of Data-Driven Marketing for Financial Advisors


The Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is the only way to ensure you utilize the most effective marketing tactics, increasing your return on investment. Only reliable data can tell you which marketing tactics connect with your target audience. You may observe an increase or decrease in response rates or attendance, but only data-driven marketing can tell you why these changes are happening.  Data-driven marketing also guides you in making decisions about future marketing campaigns. This information allows you to market your company to your ideal prospects effectively.

Pinpoint Necessary Changes

When running your first data-driven marketing campaign, you will receive new information that will help you discover which aspects of your marketing work best for your target audience. Perhaps an increase in conversions came from new imagery on ads, new event dates, or targeting a different area in your city. Data explains where prospects come from, at what point they interacted with your campaign, whether current prospects fit your target audience, and what aspects of your campaign attract ideal prospects. 

This is all important information when evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. If your campaign has a high conversion rate, but the conversions aren’t your ideal prospects, then consider retargeting. If your campaign has low conversions but your target audience converts, consider ramping up your campaign efforts. To accomplish this, start by increasing the amount of mail sent, adding digital advertisements, or adding email marketing. 

Use Information for Future Marketing

Utilizing all of the data from previous campaigns allows you the opportunity to continue increasing your ROI with each campaign. Specifically, the right data provides you with exactly where your ideal targets reside, demographic information about these targets, which CTA’s work best, the campaign images that receive the highest traction, and what days and times for seminars are most popular with your target audience. Each piece of information helps you to have the ability to predict your target audience’s behavior. Following these patterns will bring conciseness and clarity to your future marketing campaigns.

How We Make a Difference

LeadJig gathers all the data you need to make informed marketing decisions in one place. Then, the data transform into various charts for easy comprehension. Understand everything you need to know about your audience with just a few clicks. 

Prospectix also utilizes data to create a seamless and impactful marketing campaign. This software systematically identifies your qualified individual audience members as they engage with you and others. Our consumer database enables you to better target and manage your qualified prospect universe. 

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