Financial Advisor Leads: Prospecting Ideas & Tips

Financial advisors are some of the most sought-after specialists in the country, but even they often find themselves struggling to find new leads and grow their business.


Finding Financial Advisor Leads

Financial advisors are some of the most sought-after specialists in the country, but even they often find themselves struggling to find new leads and grow their business.

Even though they are experts in their own field, prospecting for financial advisors can often seem like an unfamiliar and complicated challenge, especially for those that are still trying to use outdated methods that aren’t nearly as effective as they once were.

Luckily, there are plenty of modern financial advisor prospecting ideas that you can use to quickly fill up your appointment schedule.

So, what are some of the best financial advisor prospecting practices? And how can you compile an extensive lead list as a financial advisor?

Let’s go through some of the most effective strategies below.


LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for professionals in the world, which is why it’s an excellent place to find the very best lead lists for financial advisers.

Almost everyone needs help with their financial planning and wealth management, so if you can target high-income professionals such as executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners, you will be well on your way to landing lucrative clients that are willing to pay a premium for your services.

But how can you find financial advisor leads on LinkedIn?

Well, you have to start by providing value and showcasing your expertise. If you can address some of the most pressing issues your prospective clients are facing, you will immediately draw their attention and get them to seek you out.

Website and Blogging

As we mentioned in the previous section, showcasing your knowledge and sharing valuable information is at the very core of lead generation for financial advisors.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you should have a hub where you can not only publish posts and articles, but also provide more information about your background, experience, and specialties.

By having a blog, you can address different types of financial challenges and issues your target audience is likely to face and show how you would deal with them.

If you offer extensive reporting, you could even get people to opt into your email list where you can engage and eventually convert those readers into customers.

Workshops and Seminars

Even though there are certainly plenty of ways to get qualified leads for financial advisors online, there are still some traditional approaches that produce excellent results.

If you can organize seminars or workshops in person, that will have a much stronger impact than almost anything you could do online, as your prospects will be able to see you in person and will develop trust that will be much stronger than if they merely read what you have to say online.

Sure, putting together a physical event takes more effort, but once you put things into motion, you can have a proven and reliable way to generate new leads as long as you want. And if you need help, LeadJig has the expertise to execute your financial seminar marketing.

Community Networking and Word of Mouth

While there’s no reason why you couldn’t find financial prospects from across the state or even the country, you are likely to find that the leads that you get in your community are not only easier to convert but also easier to work with.

That’s why if you want to ensure a consistent stream of financial advisor leads, it always makes sense to immerse yourself in the local community, participating in or even sponsoring events, appearing in public gatherings, and trying to be as helpful as possible.

If you ingrain yourself in the local community, you may find that you’ll get all the leads that you need by word of mouth and recommendations from others.

Social Media Community

One of the most effective prospecting ideas for financial advisors is to go on social media and get in front of the people that are already interested in financial planning and wealth management.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are ideally suited to create and curate content and amass a group of followers that are interested in financial planning and are likely to be seeking a financial advisor in the near future.

If you can build a community on Facebook or Twitter, you will not only have a group of people that are prospective clients but you will also position yourself as an authority and expert in your field.

Case Studies

As a financial advisor, your reputation is only as good as the results that you can achieve for your customers.

Therefore, you should always be collecting and analyzing the results you were able to get for your clients and turning them into case studies that you can not only reference yourself but also share with prospective customers that want to learn more about your approach and the types of results that they might expect.

When you’re on the verge of converting a lead into a customer, having hard proof that your methods work and that clients were able to achieve their goals is often all it takes to erase all doubts and get the lead over the fence.

Working with LeadJig

Finding financial advisor leads may seem like a difficult challenge, but if you set long-term goals and take the time to execute the strategies on this list, you will soon find that your lead lists have more names than you can take on.

And if you want to take your lead generation efforts to the next level, be sure to request a demo with LeadJig. We’ll show you how you can leverage financial advisor marketing to make the most out of every marketing dollar that you spend.

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