Instantly Improve Your Practice with LeadJig


4 Ways LeadJig Instantly

Improves Your Practice

We help advisors maintain a fluid mix of marketing channels by deploying through our platform. Our platform delivers the best possible experience for you and your prospects while providing invaluable analytics and marketing outcomes.

1. Transparency

Transparent data enables us to make more educated decisions in the future, by utilizing historical marketing data.

LeadJig’s platform provides valuable insights into every marketing campaign in the system. By providing transparency in prospect and channel data, we can draw inferences on what is working and what is not.

2. Intelligent Data

In marketing, the process begins and ends with data. Historically the data in a managed service capacity has been treated as a black box. Parameters are defined and agreed upon and marketing is executed. However, as an end user in the process, you are provided little insight outside of a vague spreadsheet with numbers. Utilizing LeadJig and our data tool Prospectix, we can show you visually what your data set looks like, and what the best opportunity will be.

3. Automation

If you take a look at any industry, you’ll find automation is becoming more and more of a necessity as business becomes more complex. Coupled with this, consumers are becoming increasingly complex to communicate with, requiring personalization to draw attention. LeadJig Automation can take much of the leg work out of having consistent and personalized touch points, allowing you to stay relevant for when the time is right for prospects to engage your services.

4. Omni-Channel

Analyzing the commonalities of Fortune 500 companies and their marketing, all seem to utilize multiple marketing channels to deliver a synchronized message! This ‘omni-channel’ marketing process has become paramount in today’s day and age of marketing. LeadJig gives our users the ability to manage multiple marketing channels at the same time, providing real-time analytics and conversions so you are always aware of the outcomes your marketing dollars are providing!

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