5 Tips for Successful Direct Mail


5 Tips for a 

Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is as important to your campaign’s success as ever. It’s highly targeted, so you know exactly what people are interacting with your campaign. Other marketing channels don’t allow for this kind of precision. Furthermore, direct mail works. According to Small Business Trends, 42% of mail recipients read or scanned mail pieces. The average return on investment for direct mail is also high at between 18-20 percent. People are still paying attention to direct mail, and so should you. Keep reading to find out our top 5 tips for direct mail.

1. Be On Time and Branded

Pay attention to dates, holidays can throw off your whole campaign if your mail is sent out around them. Depending on when you want mail to hit homes, your piece needs to be ready weeks in advance of your event. Furthermore, your mail piece should match your brand. It should have your company colors and your logo in multiple areas. Ensure every person that receives your direct mail knows exactly who it’s coming from.

2. Use Prospectix to Target Your Perfect Prospect 

A campaign is only as good as the data it targets. Our proprietary software, Prospectix, is where every campaign initiates. It systematically identifies your qualified individual audience members as they engage with you and others. Our consumer database enables you to better target and manage your qualified prospect universe. 

Prospectix allows you to receive age and asset data for responders across any channel. You can gather insights into your prospect universe by leveraging our relative response rate analytics. It also gives you the power to measure and visualize prospect density within your marketing universe for venue selection and gather street-level insights. Furthermore, you can plot multiple zones at once to determine a long-term marketing strategy. Prospectix also gives you the tools to target partial zip codes to optimize geographic metrics, contact information, Zillow housing data, and more. 

3. Use a Clear Call to Action

It’s important that your call to action is clear and specific. The recipients of your direct mail should know exactly what you want them to do and how that action helps them. An example of a strong call to action is, “Attend Our Dinner Event on Tuesday at 6:30n pm to Start Preparing for Your Retirement!”. This tells the prospect exactly what you want them to do, when, and why they should attend your event.

4. Appearance Matters

The visual appearance of your mailer is crucial to its success. If your piece isn’t visually appealing most people won’t bother reading it. It’s important that the images on your mailer look clean and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re having a meal event, make sure the images look appetizing. If you are having an educational workshop, the images need to match the topic of your event. Thankfully, we have already had years of experience designing the perfect mailers for our clients. This experience makes your job easier and your direct mail conversion rate even higher.

5. Use Consumer Data to Perfect Your Mailer

Through our decades of experience, we have the data to back up our suggestions. We have learned what the best days, types of venues and pictures are for your campaigns. For any questions about strategies that yield the best results click here!


On average, campaigns that utilize all marketing channels receive 20% more conversions and have a 30% higher conversion to attendance rate. This is because the channels act as multiple touchpoints and reminders for prospects. Utilizing digital ads alongside your direct mail increases conversion rates because digital ads act as a reminder for people who have already received your direct mail.

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