How to Effectively Target Your Ideal Customer for Maximum Results


Effectively Target Your Ideal Customer

Marketing efforts are only helpful if they target the right people for your business. Ensuring your ideal customers see your campaigns is crucial to your campaigns’ success. However, getting your campaigns in front of your target market and piquing their interest can be challenging. That’s why it is essential to custom-tailor your campaigns to your ideal prospects. Personalization through your data, event details, and campaign pieces will help you ensure the right attendees are showing up at your events.

Concise Targeting

A campaign is only as good as the data it targets. Our proprietary software, Prospectix, is where every campaign initiates. It systematically identifies your qualified individual audience members as they engage with you and others. Our consumer database enables you to better target and manage your qualified prospect universe. 

Prospectix allows you to receive age and asset data for responders across any channel. You can gather insights into your prospect universe by leveraging our relative response rate analytics. It also gives you the power to measure and visualize prospect density within your marketing universe for venue selection and gather street-level insights. Furthermore, you can plot multiple zones at once to determine a long-term marketing strategy. Prospectix also gives you the tools to target partial zip codes to optimize geographic metrics, contact information, Zillow housing data, and more.

Event Details

It is crucial that your event makes sense for the people you are targeting. A recently retired prospect with a two-million-dollar net worth most likely will not be interested in an event at the local Olive Garden. Dinner at Ruth Chris or Bonefish Grill is more appealing to this kind of prospect. The topics within your presentation should also align with what your target market will want to learn about from a professional. 

The timing of your event is also crucial for your target audience. If you are targeting an older audience, earlier times during the week work best. However, for prospects that are not yet retired, a later dinner aligns with their schedules. If you want more information about curating the perfect event, click here!

Mail Pieces

The visual appearance of your mailer is crucial to its success. If your piece isn’t visually appealing most people won’t bother reading it. It’s important that the images on your mailer look clean and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re having a meal event, make sure the images look appetizing. If you are having an educational workshop, the images need to match the topic of your event. Furthermore, your mail piece should not only look appealing but also match your company’s personal brand. Creating this perfect mailer can seem intimidating, but thankfully we have already had years of experience designing the perfect mailers for our clients. This experience makes your job easier and your direct mail conversion rate even higher.

LeadJig Can Help

Navigating the creation of a successful campaign can be difficult. However, LeadJIg + Acquire Direct offers all our advisors the latest prospect-targeting software (Prospectix), help with planning the event, and beautiful mail pieces to choose from. 

At LeadJig, we can help you with all your financial marketing needs. Contact us for more information about our financial marketing services and how our financial advisor marketing platform can generate leads and increase your customer base.

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