Maximizing ROI for Financial Seminar Marketing


Maximize Your ROI

The goal of any company is to maximize its return on investment in all aspects of the business. Marketing teams and companies have the same purpose for their campaigns. Specifically, we help our customers to achieve a high return on investment for all their seminars, workshops, and dinner events. Through direct mail, data-driven marketing campaigns, and website optimization financial advisors around the country are getting the most out of their marketing.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has high conversion rates for financial advisors. LeadJIg + Acquire Direct has seen an average response rate of 1% from our mailers, higher than the industry average. With high response and attendance rates, advisors can easily achieve a high ROI on their campaigns. The right attendees at your event have the potential to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission if they become customers.

Direct mail is also a cost-effective way to reach potential clients. Compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV or print ads, direct mail has sharper targeting abilities and is more efficient. By focusing your efforts on a specific audience, you can reduce your advertising costs and maximize your return on investment.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing campaigns are also crucial for maximizing your ROI. Analyzing this data will allow you to receive new information that will help you discover which aspects of your marketing work best for your target audience. Perhaps an increase in conversions came from new imagery on ads, new event dates, or targeting a different area in your city. Data explains where prospects come from, at what point they interacted with your campaign, whether current prospects fit your target audience, and what aspects of your campaign attract ideal prospects. 

This is all critical information when evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. If your campaign has a high conversion rate, but the conversions aren’t your ideal prospects, then consider retargeting. If your campaign has low conversions but your target audience converts, consider ramping up your campaign efforts. To accomplish this, start by increasing the amount of mail sent, adding digital advertisements, or adding email marketing.

Utilizing all of the data from previous campaigns allows you the opportunity to continue increasing your ROI with each campaign. Specifically, quality data provides you with exactly where your ideal targets reside, demographic information about these targets, which CTA’s work best, the campaign images that receive the highest traction, and what days and times for seminars are most popular with your target audience. Each piece of information helps you to have the ability to predict your target audience’s behavior. Following these patterns will bring conciseness and clarity to your future marketing campaigns, increasing their ROI.

Website Optimization

Advisors can also increase their ROI by using A/B testing. A/B testing simply means creating two versions of the same landing page and seeing which performs better with a target audience. Testing different landing pages is crucial for website performance because it displays clearly what the target audience prefers. Preferable landing pages mean higher conversion rates on those landing pages. 

Changes between landing pages can be relatively small while significantly impacting conversion rates. Specifically, CTA’s on landing pages can significantly impact conversion rates. Easy tweaks can make a huge difference for a business, and A/B tests are the best at measuring which small changes are the most impactful. If you are interested in learning more about website optimization click here.

LeadJig Can Help

Direct mail, data-driven marketing, and website optimization are straightforward ways of increasing your ROI quickly. Direct mail’s precision and high conversion rates make it a necessary part of the marketing process for most advisors. Data-driven marketing’s ability to pinpoint weak areas in a campaign allows advisors to quickly and effectively alter their campaigns. Finally, website optimization increases ROI by increasing interactions with CTA’s. These three elements combined aid advisors towards their goal of a high ROI.

At LeadJig, we can help you with all your financial marketing needs. Contact us for more information about our financial marketing services and how our financial advisor marketing platform can generate leads and increase your customer base.

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