How To Measure The Success Of Your Financial Seminar Marketing


Measure the Success of Your Financial Seminar Marketing

Every marketing team’s goal is to have high-performing campaigns that attract their ideal prospects. Effective marketing campaigns are carefully curated to reflect the company’s marketing goals while leveraging historical trends within the data. Measuring the success of these campaigns involves comparing accurate data with the original goals set. LeadJig is the perfect tool to measure your success. With easy-to-read graphs and charts, seeing your results has never been clearer.

Set Goals

It’s important to establish your goals before starting the marketing process. It’s crucial to have an ideal prospect in mind. You will waste time and money on subpar prospects if you don’t align your goals. Financial advisor marketing is only as good as the people it targets. 

Some advisors will care about the number of prospects at a financial seminar, but most prefer having fewer quality prospects. Whether your goal is to have every seat filled or to have the highest value attendees makes a significant difference in how you should market.

Analyze Data

Analyzing data allows you to receive new information that will help you discover which aspects of your marketing work best for your target audience. Perhaps an increase in conversions came from new imagery on ads, new event dates, or targeting a different area in your city. Data explains where prospects come from, at what point they interacted with your campaign, whether current prospects fit your target audience, and what aspects of your campaign attract ideal prospects. 

This is all critical information when evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. If your campaign has a high conversion rate, but the conversions aren’t your ideal prospects, consider retargeting. If your campaign has low conversions but your target audience converts, consider ramping up your campaign efforts. To accomplish this, start by increasing the amount of mail sent, adding digital advertisements, or adding email marketing.

LeadJig gathers all the data you need to make informed marketing decisions in one place. Then, our software transforms the data into various charts for easy comprehension. Understand everything you need to know about your audience with just a few clicks. 

Utilize LeadJig

Transparent data enables us to make more educated decisions in the future by utilizing historical marketing data. LeadJig’s platform provides valuable insights into every marketing campaign in the system. By providing transparency in prospect and channel data, we can draw inferences on what is working and what is not.

In marketing, the process begins and ends with data. Historically the data in a managed service capacity has been treated as a black box. Parameters are defined and agreed upon then marketing is executed. However, as an end user, you are provided little insight outside of a vague spreadsheet with numbers. Utilizing LeadJig and our data tool Prospectix, we can show you visually what your data set looks like and what the best opportunity will be.

LeadJig Can Help

Utilizing LeadJig’s software along with quality data and marketing goals will allow you to truly measure the success of your marketing campaigns. The comprehensible charts LeadJig provides are the final result of your previous work throughout the campaign. 

At LeadJig, we can help you with all your financial marketing needs. Contact us for more information about our financial marketing services and how our financial advisor marketing platform can generate leads and increase your customer base.

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