Market Yourself Like a Top Producer


Market Yourself Like a Top Producer

Everyone wants to be at the top of their field, but how do you get there? Your path to being a top producer starts with LeadJig + Acquire Direct. We have worked with thousands of financial advisors over decades, giving us the knowledge to support the growth of your business. Over the years, we have noticed that top producers have four specific marketing elements. These factors include using data-enriched targeting (Prospectix), multiple marketing channels (omnichannel marketing), automated processes, and pivoting campaigns based on data.


Top producers know the importance of having the most advanced technology on their side. Our software, Prospectix, is an advanced technology that gathers insights into prospect universes by leveraging our relative response rate analytics. These analytics provide a vision of which prospects are likely to interact and respond to a campaign. This information allows advisors to see what areas of their campaign are connecting with prospects and which areas could use improvement. 

However, relative response rate analytics aren’t the only benefit of using Prospectix. Our technology also offers age and asset data for responders across any channel, which accesses Zillow housing data, income data, wealth data, and more. Top producers know the importance of this information for concise targeting. Prospectix makes targeting your ideal audience easier than ever, which avoids wasting resources on unqualified or uninterested prospects. 

Omnichannel Marketing

Top producers know that only utilizing one marketing channel can hinder a campaign’s performance. Direct mail acts as the initial contact point that piques the interest of qualified prospects. It also lets you precisely target the prospects you want to attend your events. Digital ads and emails are reminders for prospects interested in attending an event. Multiple touch-points with prospects increase the likelihood of them registering for a seminar. That is why neglecting one of these marketing channels can mean missing out on ideal prospects and revenue.


LeadJig also provides various automated features our advisors utilize to enhance conversion rates. These features include automated text messages to leads before and after events as well as easy appointment settings. Our appointment setting is unique because it allows you to drive responses from quality prospects ready to take action now. Both of these processes streamline interactions with prospects, increasing conversions.


When running a data-driven marketing campaign, advisors will receive new information that will help them discover which aspects of their marketing work best for their target audience. Perhaps an increase in conversions came from new imagery on ads, new event dates, or targeting a different area in a city. Data explains where prospects come from, at what point they interacted with your campaign, whether current prospects fit your target audience, and what aspects of your campaign attract ideal prospects. 

Top producers know this is all important information when evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. If a campaign has a high conversion rate, but the conversions aren’t ideal prospects, then consider retargeting. If a campaign has low conversions but the target audience converts, consider ramping up campaign efforts. To accomplish this, most top producers start by increasing the amount of mail sent, adding digital advertisements, or adding email marketing.

LeadJig Can Help

Our advisors see outstanding results due to our expertise, technology, automated features, and multi-channel approach. Capitalize on the marketing advantages LeadJig + Acquire Direct provides to all of our advisors nationwide.

At LeadJig, we can help you with all your financial marketing needs. Contact us for more information about our financial marketing services and how our financial advisor marketing platform can generate leads and increase your customer base.

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