Marketing in the Summer


Reasons to Market in the Summer

Retiree and pre-retiree prospects don’t hibernate in the summer — why should you?

Eliminate the risk of missing your production goals at the end of the year, and discover why marketing now is crucial to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects.

Many financial professionals elect to slow down in the summertime and, without fail, they find themselves scrambling to hit their production goals in the fall.  If you are considering slowing down this summer, below are the top 5 reasons why you need to stay the course, and take advantage of this big opportunity:

1. Connect with the ‘snowbirds’ that are back at home.

Most affluent prospects who head south for the winter are in town during the summer months. Through experience, we know that most snowbirds prefer to keep their professionals (financial, legal, etc.) in their hometown. Why? This is where they made their living, where they spend most of their time, where they have most of their family, and where have most of their assets! Top producers market throughout the summer.

2. Keep your pipeline flowing.

By stopping for one month, your flow of new opportunities turns into a drip; wait too long and it will dry up entirely. This causes a loss of all the momentum you’ve built over the previous months, and it will take at least another month before you return to steady pipeline flow. Unless you are way ahead of your prior year’s production, this is a daunting proposition if your goal is to increase your production year over year.

3. Get a leg up on your competition.

Just because its summer doesn’t mean retirees and pre-retirees no longer need your services or to be informed. Financial needs do not change with the seasons, so why should your business?

4. It’s easier to make appointments.

With tax season behind you and only one major holiday, prospects are willing to make financial decisions now – just make sure it’s with you!

5. Weather is not a threat.

After a brutal winter, take advantage of the season because your attendance won’t get “snowed out” in the summer.

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