Financial Advisor Marketing Tips

10 Tips for Improving Your

Financial Advisor Marketing

We care about our clients’ success so our mission is simple. Drive awareness and attendance to our client’s events, and let our advisors handle the rest. Our clients have the knowledge and experience to host great financial seminars. However, they don’t have much marketing knowledge and experience in most cases. This is not surprising considering marketing is a hands-on, constantly changing aspect of a business. Advisors simply don’t have the time to learn, test, and ret-test marketing strategies. We understand your time is valuable, and that is why LeadJig strives to make the marketing process as easy and streamlined as possible for our clients.  

This blog will clearly display the most effective financial advisor marketing tips that any advisor can accomplish. These tips will help you develop a financial advisor marketing plan. Our years of experience and top-performing campaigns are supporting evidence that our financial advisor marketing tips are proven to attract more prospects for your business. 

To make these tips more digestible, we have combined them into 10 easy strategies to improve your marketing. 

1. Create Your Goals

It’s important to establish your goals before starting the marketing process. It’s crucial to have an ideal prospect in mind. If you don’t align your goals, you will waste time and money on subpar prospects. Financial advisor marketing is only as good as the people it targets. 

Some advisors will care about the number of prospects at a financial seminar, but most prefer having a smaller number of quality prospects. Whether your goal is to have every seat filled or to have the highest value attendees makes a significant difference in how you should market. 


2. Target the Right People (Prospectix)

When you have your ideal client in mind, it’s time to figure out how to reach them. That is when our software, Prospectix, comes in handy. Our proprietary software, Prospectix, is where every financial advisor’s marketing plan initiates. It systematically identifies your qualified individual audience members as they engage with you and others. Our consumer database then enables you to better target and manage your qualified prospect universe. 

Prospectix allows you to receive age and asset data for responders across any channel. You can gather insights into your prospect universe by leveraging our relative response rate analytics. It also gives you the power to measure and visualize prospect density within your marketing universe for venue selection and gather street-level insights. Furthermore, you can plot multiple zones to determine a long-term marketing strategy. Prospectix also allows you to target partial zip codes to optimize geographic metrics, contact information, Zillow housing data, and more.


3. Know Your Prospects 
(What Motivates Them)

Another crucial aspect of a financial advisor’s marketing plan is knowing the prospects that are being targeted. No one expects you to personally know every prospect you target. However, you should have an understanding of what motivates your ideal clients. 

Would your clients prefer an earlier or later event? Would your financial seminar be better suited for an audience at Fleming’s or Outback Steakhouse? What topics are going to hold the attention of attendees? All these questions are important to answer before planning a financial seminar. Personalizing your campaign and events to your ideal prospect will increase the likelihood of these people attending and becoming clients. 

4. Host the Right Event at the Right Venue

Again, every aspect of your campaign should be tailored to your ideal prospect. Finding the perfect venue can be difficult, especially if you haven’t hosted an in-person financial seminar or financial workshop since the pandemic started. This can feel like a lot of pressure because a venue can make or break an event. A great venue can turn out record attendance, but a poor venue can waste time and money. To check out more tips for choosing the perfect venue, click here!

5. Take Advantage of Proven Winners

We have curated a collection of successful mailers, Facebook ads, and emails. These successful campaigns are referred to as our “proven winners”. Our proven winners have consistently shown the best results of any campaign run.


6. Utilize Technology

Using the latest technology is key to staying ahead of the competition. That’s the value of using LeadJig. Our software allows you to apply the latest technology to your campaigns, managing seminar and workshop marketing activities in an elegant, automated, and tech-loaded web interface. The result? Increased ROI, higher attendance and appointment stick rates, automated and custom communication with prospects, CRM integrations, and more.  

7. Utilize Automation

Automation is also essential for the financial advisor marketing process. It benefits everyone in the marketing funnel by making processes smoother, saving time, and enhancing customer experience. Automation in marketing for financial advisors can look like confirmation emails, text reminders, and thank you emails. All of this saves you time and ensures no attendee is forgotten. 

Furthermore, LeadJig Automation can take much of the leg work out of having consistent and personalized touch points, allowing you to stay relevant when the time is right for prospects to engage your services.

8. Follow-Up After Your Financial Seminar

Follow-ups with attendees and even no-shows are important for the success of your financial advisor’s marketing plans. After your financial seminar or financial workshop, call attendees to confirm existing appointments or try to set an appointment with them if no meeting was determined prior. If anyone is no-showed or canceled, call them to offer them an information package or meeting. Then, you can send thank you notes to all attendees to express gratitude. Finally, don’t forget about attendees that failed to set appointments. Add them to an email list to stay at the forefront of their minds when they are ready to invest with an advisor.

9. Increase Your SEO

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. A website without a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy severely limits your exposure to prospective clients. 

We ensure your business listing has been verified on Google or Facebook. Then, we pull LeadJig information to complete your business listing and get ready for distribution. LeadJig then distributes your business listing across the search ecosystem, 60+ listing destinations. Using LeadJig for your local listing optimization benefits includes having your website be on the front page in local searches, increasing your Google ranking, boosting organic website traffic, and converting “Near Me” searches.

10. Have a Professional Website

Good SEO can only do so much if your clients aren’t attracted to your website. Consider having a web designer look at your website to see if there are any improvements they would make. The most important aspects of a website are easy navigation and brand consistency. 

A good website is necessary for financial advisor marketing. Your website must be a reflection of what prospects can expect from you. If the website is professional, they will expect professionalism from you. However, if it is outdated and clunky, they will believe your ideas and processes will be the same.

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